Our Holiday Snowflake Card

To celebrate the firm’s first year in business, Dan drew a snowflake card to celebrate the holidays. The second year, unable to think of a better idea, Ken drew another snowflake card. By the third year, the format was set.

Every year, an employee designs a custom snowflake. Past cards have incorporated new technology, office milestones, and project-related celebrations. No two snowflake cards are the same and are a reflection of the unique talents of the designer.

This year, Robert created a video card that reflects on how much this year has taught us how much we can adapt. Apart together, we are grateful to our community of collaborators who have found new ways to sustain connection with one another and persevered through this time. We look forward to a new year where we can continue the important work of our city and region – together. We hope you have a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season.