Why we do Design Sketchbooks

Central to our firm’s methodology is a unique tool that has become a signature trait: the Design Sketchbook Process. Our Sketchbooks mix graphics and text to communicate design ideas and to explore alternatives.

This tool gives our clients access to issues as we explore options and make decisions. At the end of the design process the Sketchbook serves to chronicle the history of the decision-making for the project.

This transparent process empowers clients and communities to engage in the creation of meaningful design solutions.

A Design Sketchbook…

  • Shows the evolution of design ideas in a chronological manner
  • Is a physical representation of an abstract thought process
  • Involves our clients intimately in the design
  • Is great for recording decisions throughout the entire process
  • Communicates meaningful ideas, not just “pretty pictures”
  • Creates a shared understanding amongst team members
  • Allows dispersal of ownership of design ideas to everyone
  • Encourages the review of many alternatives
  • Is unique, and distinguishes us from other design firms
  • Offers a consistent media to explore diverse ideas
  • Focuses thoughts by mixing words with pictures
  • Tells the design process like a story