Brenna Shaffer

Brenna Shaffer is an Associate with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative. She is leading the advancement of integrated sustainable design and development strategies that balance a human-centric focus with the goals of the built environment. She is an advocate for a transdisciplinary approach that leverages evidence-based design to empower and advance stewardship of the environment.

Brenna nurtures a culture of curiosity that seeks to create meaningful connections between knowledge communities spanning diverse areas of practice. This conscientious exploration seeks to forge partnerships and sustain dynamic networks of exchange that elevate the dialogue surrounding architecture and design and its role within a broader context.

In collaboration with others, Brenna is expanding materials research initiatives within the office that cultivate a practice of exploration and experimentation. She enriches projects through the intentional integration of purpose-driven solutions with innovative architectural solutions.

Brenna earned a Master of Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Minor in Dance from The Pennsylvania State University.

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Lou Markovic

Lou Markovic received his undergraduate degree in Architecture from the University of Minnesota and his Master’s of Architecture from Clemson University. While at Clemson, he had the opportunity to spend his thesis year in Charleston where he studied architectural interventions within the historic city fabric.

Lou is the father of two boys and he and his wife are currently renovating their home in historic Highland Park. Lou is an avid bicycle commuter and in his spare time enjoys playing goaltender in his ice hockey leagues as well as riding / working on his Vespa. He is a registered Architect and will be pursuing LEED accreditation.

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Kevin Kunak

Kevin received his Master of Architecture degree from the University of Miami. He worked for a number of years in Florida focusing on residential projects until moving to Pittsburgh in 2005. He joined Rothschild Doyno Collaborative in 2012.

During his time in Miami, Kevin learned to approach architecture as the art of making inclusive cities. This perspective has been developed through a range and scale of architectural and urban projects that contribute to the culture of placemaking in meaningful and responsible ways.

Kevin actively participates in Pittsburgh’s design and civic communities, serving on committees of the Shadyside Action Coalition, PARK(ing) Day Pittsburgh, and AIA Pittsburgh. He’s past board member of the Young Preservationist’s Association of Pittsburgh.

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Joann Mosley

Joann Mosley is an Associate with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative who is a leader for the firm’s operations and financial management. Her focus on continuous improvement has played an important role in developing scalable systems as the firm has grown.  Joann’s collaborative approach engages all staff members in the financial operations of the firm to build a healthy, connected financial ecosystem.  This work ranges from mentoring staff in the financial management of projects to providing vital tools and resources for managing data and evaluating industry trends.

Joann also brings a high degree of passion and knowledge for technology and software development to her position. She works closely with the firm’s technology team, providing insight on software, hardware, and contracting processes.

Her diverse background includes providing financial management support for small businesses, conducting accounting software training classes, implementing accounting software systems and developing software applications. Joann received a Bachelor of Science degree from Indiana University of Pennsylvania – School of Business, Concentration in Accounting. Joann’s interests include travel and pursuing an ecologically friendly lifestyle.

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Tara Earnest

Tara Earnest is an Associate with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative. She implements a rigorous approach to understanding the unique context of each project and guides teams through the reconciliation of diverse codes and guidelines. Her commitment to the articulation of strategic solutions to complex problems provides a framework that helps projects to thrive.

Tara is a champion for the advancement of knowledge surrounding accessible and universal design to support equitable access to the built environment. She is adept at linking the intricacies of technical knowledge with a compassionate understanding of the people who will be inhabiting the finished spaces. She is a steadfast advocate for empathetic design resolutions and leads the development of standards that continuously build this capacity.

Within the office, Tara works collaboratively to identify opportunities for cross-mentoring through the implementation of knowledge sharing systems and processes. These initiatives bring clarity to the synergies that elevate individual professional growth and celebrate the unique strengths of every member of the collaborative.

Tara earned a Master of Architecture from the University of Michigan and holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from The University of Pittsburgh.

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Robert Tuñón

Robert Tuñón is an Associate with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.  He provides leadership to the design sketchbook process through the artful construction of narratives that connect clients, collaborators, and communities with purpose.  His keen mastery of the intricacies of the storytelling process adds value throughout the development of a project and encourages the emergence of aspirational project goals.

Robert recognizes the capacity of architects to provide a high level of social leadership and serve as advocates on behalf of communities and the environment. With this clarity of purpose he coordinates the annual, office-wide Day of Service that organizes pro bono architectural services to select organizations in order to create positive change within our local community.

Within the firm, Robert promotes a culture of material experimentation and application through project work, education, and the curation of information. He contributes to the ongoing exploration of innovative material resources that support the advancement of excellence in projects.

Robert earned a Bachelor of Architecture from The Pennsylvania State University.

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