Jeff Kalina

Jeff Kalina is an Associate Principal and Director of Construction and Technology at Rothchild Doyno Collaborative.

Jeff is committed to the realization of meaningful design as a leader in our construction documentation and construction administration. Whether it is working with contractors to problem solve in the field or mentoring staff in the technical aspects of the design documentation, Jeff brings a collaborative spirit and a depth of knowledge to each project.

With nearly three decades in the architectural field, Jeff utilizes a team approach and a strong background in drafting and CAD to partner seamlessly with clients and collaborators and realize meaningful design outcomes.

Jeff enjoys his time “down in the weeds” of a project. His grasp of detail allows him to communicate a project’s goals from the design development phase through completion. In addition to his project work, Jeff is a leader for the firm’s IT systems and software management, overseeing office-wide computing systems and coordinating with software vendors.

His interest in technology, drafting, and construction laid the foundation for the firm’s construction document standards and construction administration practices.

Jeff is dedicated to elevating others through his generous side-by-side mentorship of staff and his willingness to lend a helping hand. His positivity and leadership have made him an invaluable member of the firm.

Jeff holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Management from Point Park University and an Associate Degree from Pittsburgh Technical Institute.

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