Nickie Cheung

Nickie Cheung is a project architect at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.

Nickie is excited by the possibility of leveraging the design process to help improve the space around him. His passion for design and communication fuels his belief that architecture is for all and motivates him to help expand community outreach in the architecture profession.

Having spent years involved in a youth leadership program, Nickie constantly seeks new ways to engage the next generation in the production of space. During his academic career, he played a critical role in campus community service organizations to find a variety of human perspectives to influence his work. Throughout his education, he found himself deeply inspired by the relationship between physical space and the invigoration of life that takes place within its occupation.

As the world continues becoming an increasingly interconnected community, Nickie is excited to explore new methods of fostering relationships through architecture and design. He continues to seek opportunities to build relationships with a diverse network of individuals in the Greater Pittsburgh area by being an active citizen in the community.

Nickie graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a Bachelor of Architecture and minors in Intelligent Environments and Architectural History.