Nadia Voynova

Nadia joined our office in 2018 after receiving her masters from Ohio State University’s Knowlton School of Architecture. Her thesis focused on the changing role of the architect within the constantly evolving digital technologies that change the way we occupy space.

While at Knowlton, Nadia participated in a collaborative research studio that examined the afterlife and re-adaptation of American office buildings, which culminated in a research trip to the Netherlands. Along with traveling to the Netherlands, Nadia also studied abroad in Rome, examining the effects of contemporary development on the urban fabric of the ancient city.

Nadia has worked closely with the director and curators of the Banvard Gallery at Knowlton to assist in fabricating and installing various architectural exhibitions.

Growing up in Russia has given Nadia a lifelong affinity for snow and winter sports, particularly ice skating. She also enjoys hiking, playing volleyball, and kayaking in the summer months.