Michael Sweterlitsch

Michael is passionate about well-crafted objects and designing solutions at the human scale. He is deeply interested in the visualization of design ideas. He believes that representing an architectural vision is as meaningful as the built work associated with that vision.

Because of his studies in the industrial arts and his work in the construction industry at an early age, architecture has been on Michael’s periphery since a young age.  His curiosity developed further when he participated in the A.C.E. Mentor program in high school, where he explored professional careers in architecture, construction, and engineering. He continues to mentor students as a professional in the A.C.E. program and shares his ability to diagram complex concepts using graphics, 3D modeling, and virtual reality experiences.

With technology advancing rapidly, Michael is constantly exploring new rendering capabilities. He is also interested in the fabrication of furniture that contributes to the spatial experience. Now, as a participant in the A.C.E. Mentor program, he passes on the technical skills he has learned while sharing professional experience with his students.

In keeping with his passion for mentorship, Michael also is a board member of the Young Architects Forum as well as leads the youth outreach program at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.

Michael graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from Kent State University in 2016 and continued to study at Kent State University to graduate in 2017 with a Master of Architecture.