Longney Luk

Longney Luk received his Bachelor of Architecture and Master of Science in Sustainable Design degrees at Carnegie Mellon University. Throughout his education, Longney believes in the impact of ecological design intertwined with the accessibility to the urban landscape. His previous research engages in speculative design projects under an academic framework while closely knitting ecology to material logic and thermodynamics. His contribution to the ecological design framework involved a computational-driven process along with the additional focus on building science and digital mapping. Later in his studies, he expanded his focus around the community-driven design process while linking his advocacy to environmental justice in urban design.

As a student, he dedicated his other interests in graphic design, digital fabrication, community engagement, and teaching. Continuing his life in Pittsburgh, he seeks to participate in his community more.

Outside of work, he enjoys occasional music, coffee, cooking, basketball, and running. He dedicates his attention to his love for film photography and the hybrid of digital and analog drawing as a medium to capture and communicate his ideas.