Kim Rullo

Kim Rullo is Communications Manager at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative.

Kim plays a vital role in communicating the story of our firm. Kim joined Rothschild Doyno Collaborative in 2015 as a graphic designer. She now manages all aspects of the firm’s communications, including digital storytelling, publications, and awards submissions. Her design sensibility and technical graphic skills have been invaluable in elevating the firm’s story and promoting our office culture through our communications. Her alignment with the firm’s mission and guiding principles are evident in the excellence in her work and her support and mentorship of others.

Kim’s leadership through mentorship strives to provide others with the ability to harness their potential and create successful teams. She believes that architecture and design can make the world better and focuses her efforts both inside and outside of the office in service of social justice and equity.

Kim is critical in shaping many internal office initiatives and supports teams in many capacities. As a past exhibition curator, she understands the need to manage fast-paced timelines and collections of artistic voices while exploring, through art, the role of identity in society today.

A storyteller at heart, when Kim isn’t in the office, she is an avid photographer. Her images explore uncomfortable feelings and craft narratives that capture dialogue without obvious meaning. Her background in journalism informs her photos with questions that challenge typical perceptions of the world.

She currently serves on the advisory council for Dormont Arts, a community-based arts program dedicated to building a sustainable arts initiative in Dormont, including the recent implementation of a community garden. She is a member of the Communications Team at Temple Emanuel of South Hills and is involved in several other community initiatives.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and Communications from Point Park University with a minor in Photography.