Katie Briller

Katie Briller developed her love for architecture and urban planning in her youth as she traveled about the world. Residing in Virginia, Germany, and Japan, all before the age of 18, she found herself drawn to understand the architectural history and urban design precedents she uncovered as she explored the many regions her parents’ employment travel took her. This exposure to the architecture and community development in these regions channeled her interest to a more serious level as she developed career interests in architecture, community placemaking, sustainability in the built environment, and the impact architecture has on social justice issues.

Katie studied architecture at the University of Maryland and received her Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture with minors in both Sustainability Studies and Construction Management. Her fascination for community engagement and sustainability motivated her to focus her final studio project on a sustainable, community-based approach to a Washington, D.C. urban ecology center. This project ultimately earned her Best in Show from the School of Architecture at Maryland and a Jury Citation in the 2021 AIA Maryland Undergraduate Design Awards.

Outside of her architectural pursuits, Katie enjoys hiking, painting, and working with animals. Throughout school, she served as an area coordinator and puppy raiser for the Guide Dog Foundation. She looks forward to more volunteer and community improvement opportunities as she explores the Pittsburgh area.