Jason Andrews

Jason was initially drawn to Pittsburgh because of its vibrant historical architecture and its profound ties to the geography of the region. Every project he works on offers insight into how Pittsburgh evolved and how architecture can shape its future.

Jason appreciates how his past has helped influence how he practices architecture at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative. Jason fostered a passion for woodworking from an early age, which has given him an appreciation for craftsmanship and design. As a student at Virginia Tech, he learned how to use analog and digital tools to enhance the design process, which he now incorporates into his work. His time in the studio environment helped him cultivate a collaborative spirit, sharing critiques and debating architectural concepts with his peers. These experiences have helped Jason better meet the goals of each project. Rather than imposing ideas, he is attentive to those ideas which naturally emerge through the design process.

In his free time, Jason uses his sketchbook and camera to study how the built environment interacts with Pittsburgh’s topography. He also enjoys trail running and biking to connect with Pittsburgh’s natural beauty. As a music lover, Jason frequently attends the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Banjo Night at the Elks Lodge.

Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture from Virginia Tech in 2019, where he was a finalist for the highest honor awarded by the College of Architecture and Urban Studies, the Thesis Prize.