Eli Gutierrez

Eli is driven by the challenge of designing holistically. She continues to appreciate and apply the necessary components to create both functional and beautiful architecture. She uses her design sensibilities and visualization capabilities for lasting impact on projects. Eli believes that all designs should clearly convey messages and tell stories.

Her upbringing in Mexico, her Texan background, and her European travels have molded Eli in a unique way. Through her travels, she learned the effect urban design has in shaping society, both physically and mentally. Seeing the contrast between the car-dominated American lifestyle and European lifestyles has focused Eli’s attention on living and working in more pedestrian-oriented communities. As an advocate for bikeable, walkable, and healthy communities, Eli seeks to utilize her personal experiences to support her passion for great design.

Eli is committed to minimizing the negative effects architecture has on the natural environment. She constantly explores creative ways to integrate sustainable practices into building design. Eli looks for these opportunities at all scales, knowing that even smaller endeavors can result in substantial improvements.

Eli earned a Bachelor of Architecture, a Bachelor of Environmental Design, and a Minor in Art and Design from North Carolina State University.