Chinaza Okafor

Chinazaekpere (Chinaza) Okafor is a rising fifth year architecture student at the University of Southern California with a minor in 3D Animation and Choreography. Through these cross-disciplinary studies, she hopes to integrate this unique perspective into her architectural pursuits. Chinaza has actively contributed to various film projects and values, using her creativity to tell meaningful stories and give voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. She aspires to create spaces that deeply resonate with people and communities.

Currently working as a Summer Fellow at RDCollab, Chinaza is involved in the development of projects like Providence Point and WPSBC, while also contributing to office initiatives. This experience has enabled her to advance her technical skills in Revit, renderings, and Sketchbooking.

Chinaza immerses herself in diverse cultures in her leisure time and enjoys exploring international shows, particularly from countries like Turkey. Staying active is essential to her, and she finds joy in bike riding, dancing, and soccer.