Brenna Shaffer

Brenna Shaffer is an Associate with Rothschild Doyno Collaborative. She is leading the advancement of integrated sustainable design and development strategies that balance a human-centric focus with the goals of the built environment. She is an advocate for a transdisciplinary approach that leverages evidence-based design to empower and advance stewardship of the environment.

Brenna nurtures a culture of curiosity that seeks to create meaningful connections between knowledge communities spanning diverse areas of practice. This conscientious exploration seeks to forge partnerships and sustain dynamic networks of exchange that elevate the dialogue surrounding architecture and design and its role within a broader context.

In collaboration with others, Brenna is expanding materials research initiatives within the office that cultivate a practice of exploration and experimentation. She enriches projects through the intentional integration of purpose-driven solutions with innovative architectural solutions.

Brenna earned a Master of Architecture from The University of Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a Minor in Dance from The Pennsylvania State University.