Benita Nartey

Benita Nartey believes design is deeply rooted in the reflection of a community and serves as an explanation of our society. She thinks that the built environment should enrich our day-to-day experiences and enhance our connections to the natural environment.

Benita has a deep appreciation for the power architecture holds to create cocoons of experience that can change the way a person views the world on the outside from the inside. She has a passion for the blending of the natural and man-made in design through passively sustainable methods that allow for the occupant to appreciate the value of the architecture designing principles in a project.

A student of Carnegie Mellon University’s 5-year bachelors of architecture program, Benita is excited to explore design through the ESP design principle: Economic, Social, and Physical. She has an interest in residential, social, hospitality, and interior design as well as the opportunities analog and digital design tools present when utilized together.

While a student, Benita explored design concepts through Pittsburgh’s demography and topography, piquing her interest in community-oriented design.

Benita was a member of the Carnegie Mellon University Residential Life leadership, the Delta Gamma Fraternity, and served as the vice president of the National Organization of Minority Architecture (NOMA) Pittsburgh chapter. She enjoys sketching, the theatre, music as well as participating in local feminist activism in the Pittsburgh area.