Amy Misencik

As Business Operations Manager at Rothschild Doyno Collaborative, Amy Misencik plays a leading role in overseeing how the firm operates. Her passion for continuously improving our systems, policies, and procedures keeps the firm on the path of effectively delivering meaningful design solutions for our clients.


Amy manages the firm’s operations by supervising our project management systems, office policies, staff recruitment, and retention initiatives. She also oversees the firm’s data analysis and reporting, which informs our project management process and the firm operationally.


Amy’s leadership also supports staff in achieving their professional goals and career growth, including improving our mentorship program, staff development processes, annual reviews, and onboarding.


 Amy joined the firm in 2018 as Office Administrator and has grown into this newly created position as she has led numerous initiatives to advance the firm’s operations. Amy graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in the History of Art and Architecture with a minor in History. Amy enjoys film, tv, pop culture, reading, and exploring the walkable neighborhoods of Pittsburgh with her dog Wyatt.