Alek Kirchmann

Alek is fueled by a relentless optimism and is convinced that problems can be solved with enough multidisciplinary cooperation, rational effort, and design thinking That optimism is tempered by a sober pragmatism regarding the inherent challenges in any project, along with the mixed and sometimes challenging history of architecture’s impact on society. He approaches architecture with humility, always considering the effect a design will have on a community. Alek is dedicated to designing and delivering creative projects with high-quality documentation.

Choosing Pittsburgh as his adopted home, Alek is eager to collaborate with community partners and to contribute locally. In his free time, Alek enjoys reading books, watching movies and TV shows, playing video and board games, pushing the pace on runs through Schenley Park, and exploring Pittsburgh’s breweries. He also relishes traveling to visit friends and family across the country and the globe.

Alek has previously concentrated his efforts in healthcare and workplace design. He graduated with a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Carnegie Mellon University School of Architecture.