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Design Sketchbook

Our Design Sketchbook mixes graphics and text to communicate ideas and explore alternatives with our clients.

The Design Sketchbook is our signature tool for creatively managing complexity through collaboration and engagement. We use this unique and time-tested tool to identify issues, communicate complexity, and provide innovative solutions. This accessible format gives our clients vital capacity to participate and impact project outcomes by first engaging in “the architecture of making choices.”

Central to our firm’s methodology, this tool gives our clients access to design opportunities as we move through design exploration and make decisions. Through our commitment to collaboration, clients become active participants in the crafting of the project design story. When completed, The Design Sketchbook serves as a historical document that chronicles the project’s formation.

The entire firm is well versed in this practice and its capacity to enhance the design process, create synergies, and improve outcomes for our clients. This transparent process empowers clients and communities to engage in the creation of meaningful design solutions, emphasizing the full potential of project aspirations.