AIA Pittsburgh Design Award

The Cheswick House

Certificate of Merit, 2020

Creating a living environment that is integrated with its’ natural setting requires a strong response to the unique conditions of place. The awareness of the senses to the natural surrounding and circadian rhythms promote human health and wellbeing. This is fundamental to the conceptual planning and follow-through in the home design. A strong environment awareness and biophilic design response enhances the idea of living with nature as part of it. The design works to minimize impact on the surrounding environmental conditions demonstrating a respect for it. The experience is supported through a planned sequence that transitions you into a living environment elevated within an existing tree canopy. The resulting home is one with exceptional performance, promotes health and wellbeing for the occupants, is in balance with its’ natural setting, and provides continual discovery and connection to our natural environment.

The jury commented:

  • The Cheswick House stands out with strong consideration for sustainability and thoughtful relationship to the natural site.
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